Portrait Photography

Face to Face

Although I dabble in many different genres of photography, one thing they all have in common is my desire to capture the emotional essence of a moment. In my experience, nothing creates that feeling more than portrait photography. I find it challenging and exhilarating to try to boil the character or soul of a person down to a fraction of a second.

What I've discovered over the years is that no two people will ever see a portrait the same way. Ansel Adams once said, "There are two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." I submit that portraiture introduces a third person into the mix: the subject themselves.

Fifty Female Faces

In an effort to improve my interpersonal skills and focus on a long term project, I decided to produce a book of portraits. It was called "Fifty Female Faces" and Its purpose was to shoot fifty women of different age ranges just as they were, with little or no makeup. Each portrait was shot under the exact same lighting conditions. The project took about a year to complete and it made me a better photographer.

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