Landscape Photography

A Grand Adventure

Nature has always helped me get grounded. It has a funny way of putting my life in perspective just when I need it most.

When my wife and I decided to sell our house and most of our possessions and hit the road back in 2014, it was a dream come true. I now have daily access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States.

If I can come away from a landscape shoot having captured the feeling of being there in a photograph, then I have accomplished my goal. 

The Music Connection

Next to photography, music is my second passion in life. Instead of just listening to my favorite songs,  I "see" soundscapes in my mind with shapes that resemble mountains and rivers. Certain keyboard sounds, for example, conjure up dark hills and acoustic guitars morph into flowing streams and so on.

When I first picked up a camera, It was a natural transition for me to want to capture images of real landscapes.  That way of listening is so intrinsic to my photography that I now hear music in my mind when I'm out shooting grand vistas!

Landscape Gallery